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I want to make you feel something deep...

When you choose me as your photographer, you get the option to order  a beautiful large piece of art work or an album for your home. I make ordering easy for my clients through my online store. My clients get complimentary access to Style + Select to help them decide what they want to wear for their session.

Every image is hand edited. This means no more worrying about blemishes, baby boogers, double chin when you're looking down, fly aways that take away from your photographs, or anything else that may distract from the beauty of your photograph. 

I play music to help me create a beautiful experience that helps you relax and enjoy the presence of the people you love. 

I create prompts especially for your session. This helps me engage my clients and create real moments so I can capture authenticity. What is a prompt you ask? Here is an example of one I might give. "I would like you two to put your hips together and try to walk together "attached at the hip". Prompts make for a carefree session and a lot of real smiles and laughs. 

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