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in person

$800+ tax
2 hours

This is 2 hours of whatever you’d like. I encourage you to make a notebook for all your notes and to make a list of things you would like to learn from me.

Things I go over:

  • How to show up on social media 

  • Defining your ideal client and marketing to them

  • Pricing and CODB

  • Editing in ACR and Photoshop

  • Equipment and Camera Gear

  • Client Management Tools and Workflow

  • Posing and Wardrobe

$2000+ tax
Full Day/ 6 hours


In this workshop I try to teach everything that I know. We begin by doing a styled shoot of a genre of your choice.I will arrange and plan out all the details for the styled shoot. During the styled shoot I teach you my whole process and how I interact with my clients during my sessions. I teach you the experience that I create and why creating an experience for clients is so important. We go over gear, camera settings, lighting, posing, and so much more during the styled shoot. I also do headshots and behind the scenes photos for you and we discuss branding and how to show up for your business on social media.


After the shoot we go grab dinner and drinks and do the post processing work. I edit the photos we took with you and give constructive criticism on your editing.  I show my whole editing process and work with you hands on. We discuss post processing workflow. We discuss your business goals, cost of doing business, ideal client, marketing, and anything you would like to learn from me.


Once our time together is over you will have the opportunity to continue your education by doing coaching calls. Coaching sessions are $100 plus tax and we continue to go over all of your questions and we make an actionable plan for you to work on to achieve your photography business goals. 




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