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4 tips for preparing your baby for their newborn photoshoot

#1. Book your session ahead of time. The best time for newborn photos is between 5 to 14 days old. You will want photos of your baby when they are at their tiniest because they will never be that small again.

#2. Choose a color palette and let your photographer know so they can be sure to incorporate the colors you want into the session. It will also help if you use colors from your baby's nursery so if you do wall art it can coordinate.

#3. Create a mood board and show your photographer your vision for the session. This will help your photographer know what you like and give them inspiration to create for you.

#4. Choose a location. If you are local to Fayetteville, NC there are plenty of outdoor locations such as Mott lake you could choose. If you prefer an indoor session, finding a spot with nice lighting in your home can be the ideal location. Many photographers are willing to travel to your home for the session and it is convenient to not have to travel with your newborn.

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