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Figuring Out Your Dream Wedding Style Quiz from Your Photographer

As we embark on capturing the essence of your love story, it's essential to envision a day that mirrors your deepest desires and personalities. This curated quiz will help you navigate whether an elopement, a small intimate wedding, or a grand celebration is the path that resonates with your hearts.

1. Picture your ideal wedding venue. What setting speaks to you the most?

A) An intimate spot outdoors or a unique location that's off the beaten path.

B) A cozy, intimate venue that feels personal and welcoming.

C) A luxurious, spacious venue that can accommodate a grand celebration.

2. How do you envision allocating your wedding budget?

A) Prioritizing simplicity and saving for future adventures like a honeymoon.

B) A balanced approach, allowing for some personalized touches.

C) Investing in a lavish celebration that includes all the bells and whistles.

3. In terms of planning, how much involvement do you prefer from friends and family?

A) Minimal; we prefer making decisions on our own to keep things simple.

B) Moderate; we appreciate input from our inner circle while retaining control.

C) Extensive; we welcome ideas and assistance from a wide circle of loved ones.

4. What’s your dream scenario immediately after the ceremony?

A) An intimate moment or adventure shared just between us.

B) A small, personal reception to connect meaningfully with each guest.

C) A big, festive reception with all our guests, filled with music and dancing.

5. How do you feel about being the center of attention on your wedding day?

A) We prefer a more private, intimate setting.

B) Comfortable with attention from a close-knit group.

C) Excited about celebrating our love in front of a large crowd.

6. The role of tradition in your wedding is:

A) Minimal; we're excited to forge our own path.

B) Moderate; incorporating selected traditions that resonate with us.

C) Significant; embracing many traditional elements and customs.

7. Ideal guest list size:

A) Just us, the officiant, photographer, and a couple of witnesses.

B) Between 20-50 people for a cozy yet festive atmosphere.

C) Over 50 people to ensure no one is left out of our big day.

8. How important is the location of your wedding?

A) Very; we want it to be somewhere meaningful or breathtakingly beautiful.

B) Somewhat; a nice setting that's convenient for our closest people.

C) As long as it can accommodate everyone, we're flexible.

9. Your approach to wedding day activities and entertainment:

A) Minimal; the focus is on the ceremony and our commitment to each other.

B) Curated; a few selected activities that will add a personal touch to our celebration.

C) Extensive; a wide range of entertainment options to ensure guests are having a blast.

10. What’s your top priority for your wedding day?

A) Creating a deeply personal and meaningful experience for us.

B) Ensuring a comfortable, intimate setting where we can connect with each guest.

C) Providing an unforgettable experience for all our guests, filled with joy and celebration.

Interpreting Your Answers

- Mostly A's: Elopement

Your hearts lean towards an intimate, deeply personal celebration. An elopement allows you to focus on each other, perhaps in a location that's significant to you both, with the essential people making it even more special.

- Mostly B's: Small Intimate Wedding

You're drawn to a celebration that balances intimacy with festivity. A small wedding lets you personalize your day and share it with those closest to you, ensuring a warm, memorable experience for everyone involved.

- Mostly C's: Large Wedding

Your vision includes a vibrant, inclusive celebration. A large wedding allows you to incorporate traditions, entertain a broader circle of loved ones, and enjoy the excitement of a grand party dedicated to your love story.

This quiz is crafted to help you reflect on what feels most true to you and your relationship as you plan the day of your dreams. No matter the path you choose, I'm here to capture every moment, every detail, and every emotion, telling the story of your love through my lens.

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