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Why Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Elopement Is An Investment Worth Making


Eloping can be a beautiful and romantic way to start your marriage. You and your partner have decided to take the plunge and make it official, but you want to capture these special moments so that you can look back on them fondly for years to come. While it may be tempting to take photos yourself, hiring a professional is the way to go. In this blog post presented by Amanda McCollum Photography, we'll take a look at just a few of the reasons why.

A Professional Can Also Help With Other Wedding Needs, such as Florals or Styling

Hiring a professional photographer is not only beneficial in terms of capturing the day’s moments, but they can also help with other wedding needs. For example, if you’re having an elopement ceremony in nature or outdoors (such as a beach or forest), they may be able to provide assistance with your floral or styling needs. Having an experienced eye behind the lens who knows how to dress up and adorn your chosen location will add extra romance and charm to your photos. Ask the pros at Newland Wedding about a package that includes design, photo, and flowers.

Having an Expert Help Manage The Day Will Relieve Pressure

When you’re eloping, many small tasks need to be taken care of. Having an expert manage the day will relieve some of this pressure from both you and your partner by making sure everything runs smoothly and that all necessary details are taken into account. A pro photographer will know exactly what angles work best at each location, when lighting conditions are ideal, plus where best to position themselves so that everyone looks their best in every photo.

You'll Have An Experienced Photographer Who Knows How To Anticipate Beautiful Moments

An experienced photographer knows when special moments will happen, and they'll know exactly how to capture these moments naturally without intrusion or awkwardness. They'll be sensitive enough not to interfere with the intimacy between the two of you while still being able to anticipate beautiful moments before they happen so that no moment goes unrecorded. This means you'll get candid shots that truly capture the feeling of the day.

You Can Make Beautiful Keepsakes With Adobe Express Using Your Finished Photos

There are numerous ways that you can display your finished photos after an elopement ceremony, such as creating albums or frames with physical prints or uploading them onto social media sites like Instagram for family and friends who weren't able to attend. However, having professional, high-quality photos means you can also use Adobe Express to make keepsakes, such as calendars or photo cards, using your favorite images. Here are a few examples:

● You can make a beautiful holiday card or greeting card using your wedding photos. Adobe makes the process quick and easy! Just choose the template you like and pick a photo that goes well with the layout.

● Ready to share your special moments on social media? Create a stunning Instagram collage using the best pics from your shoot. This is a great way to engage your followers.

● Create a beautiful photo calendar that uses a different wedding photo for each month of the year. This is a fun and easy way to enjoy your pictures every day! The calendar also makes a great gift.

● Make a gorgeous wedding announcement that tells everyone about your big news. This is perfect for elopements. Customize your announcement with the colors and fonts you like best.

Hiring a professional photographer for your elopement is a great way to ensure the perfect preservation of all those precious memories made throughout the day while freeing up both time and energy for you and your partner. Not only that, but if they also offer floral and styling services, you'll have fewer tasks to worry about. Hiring a pro also means that you'll have consistently beautiful images when all is said and done, which can be turned into keepsakes or shared online without losing their quality.

Amanda McCollum Photography is ready to help you and your partner create a beautiful experience for your elopement. Get in touch today to learn more about the services you can choose from.

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